Are you from those who relate or separate

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In the name of God

Center for Mahdi Utopia

Are you from those who relate or separate?

Generally speaking all human beings are both related and separated

You yourself are related to some buddies forever and also separated from some others for ever, justly or not

In the Holy Quran there are many verses about this subject whether connection or disconnection almighty god has frequently implied that

Those who break a god's Covenant after it is ratified and who sunder what Allah (god) has ordered to be joined and who do Mischief on Earth these cause loss only to themselves

So that is an important issue

There are many verses in the Holy Quran which commanded us to connect with some people and disconnect from some other people

Also there are lots of historical reports about Prophet Muhammad sayings on the issue

As a reality a human undoubtedly connect to some and disconnect from some others from morning to evening and in all his or her life

This join or cut is all of your deed

In his assessment scale in doomsday they look at your bonds and cuts

Do you connect or disconnect

So you and I whom all his life is this bond and cut, are aware of its rulings

Are we brought up by this base?

Have our guides, our teachers, our parents and have the systems in charge of Education propaganda culture learned us about connection and disconnection which is closely related to our deeds and the problem of human felicity or Misery?

How much they taught us to think about that

Seldom, very little that's our entire problem

I swear to God if we understand this issue well, just this issue, and do it well, that would be enough to be Heavenly and apart from the hell

Human beings don't want to lose but they don't know how

They should go learn in order not to become misled

They will become wicked if they don't know would go astray if become wicked

 Would breach if gone astray

Breaking promise that heinous deed if became simple they will cut their ties and disconnected from who should be connected with and when this happened corruptions will occur

The doer of these will fall in total loss in the world and the hereafter

Where from have started this stairway, this decline sequence, and this human downhill descent?

Loss of knowledge loss of knowledge

After knowledge you will have faith in God after faith they entrust you and you should keep promise

After they entrusted you, they will tell you stay here, if you have made a promise with me stay with me don't go far they are enemies be with me if you made the promise be connected with me knowledge Faith promise connection

God wants no evil to exist, in order not to exist evil you must be fair to each other, in order to be fair to each other you must be connected to one another.

In order to be connected, polytheism should not exist

In order not to exist polytheism, there should not be any self

We say god wants the little society, the family, the town, the city, The Province, the country, the whole Earth be well

The goodness of these depends on goodness of human beings, their goodness depends on their connectivity, and their connectivity depends on their Oneness, i.e. not to be different individuals but being only one individual

Their Oneness depends on their deep belief in monotheism, monotheism means no other individual exist mean there is only one individual and that's good therefore you are myself that's nice isn't it

Monotheism means there is only one individual and that's god therefor you are myself and I am yourself so I won't do evil to myself but do well to myself. That's monotheism

Do you connect or disconnect

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